Smart Pasta

Desall's second annual Smart Pasta Contest asks designers to see new pasta shapes that can only be realized through the use of their  innovative 3D pasta printer.

The contest allows for any amount of entries per individual with a maximum of 5 images per entry...with only a 3D printer as the limitation, this endeavor could lead in many different directions.

3D printing is hardly a limitation, but the use of one should be considerate - with all of the flexibility and opportunity it provides, a great experience should result.

Submission #1: Frill

Seeking this interaction is not necessary with Frill. These noodles engage with the consumer in more ways than play, such as how the hollow body captures sauce and smaller ingredients. Thick, flour walls make up the noodle carrying these ingredients, so no matter where the fork grabs, anyone will enjoy them.

Frill noodles interact with the fork in a way that excites those who "play" with their food. For these playful eaters, the noodle presents itself welcoming the fork; to aim for the opening as done when with eating macaroni noodles, one noodle per fork prong. Frill, however, are much larger in size, fitting the entire fork like a glove...or a hat, a wig, or maybe even a mask of some sort.

Submission #2Seeds

Comprised of three noodles, Seeds derive from the same shape, yet each perform a different function. The flour noodle most celebrates the noodle itself - bulbous and hollow, it quietly bursts when first chewed. The tomato noodle engages most with the meal's sauce and juices of sorts - it pockets these flavors and serves them along with each bite. The spinach noodle captures the meal's vegetables and whatnot to complete the dish, highlighting the food, entirely, that was served. Seeds recognize that our food stems from the earth, so ultimately they encourage to say thanks, with this meal, to the earth that feeds us.

Submission #3Tinsel

Shell noodles, Ravioli, Manicotti - stuffing Tinsel is not too dissimilar. Tinsel noodles evoke play and adornment of themselves. Hollow and welcoming, tinsel is open to ingredients of all sorts; maybe this includes some mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, basil, or any combination that explores in and around the noodle that ultimately presents this meal. Few noodles are designed for a multitude of arrangements, but tinsel interacts with ingredients and utensils uniquely to inspire a creative cooking and dining experience.

With flat surfaces and sharp angles, arrangement of these noodles becomes flexible and open for interpretation. Although still soft and steamy, these noodles remain structural after cooking due to their origin of being 3D printed.